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How much do Messenger Bots Cost?

Every business owner needs to think about their bottom line. And part of that is seriously considering the costs of any new venture they embark on, and trying to get it for the lowest price without sacrificing on quality. When it comes to messenger bots, the same holds true. But the good news is that business owners can get a great messenger bot at a great price, and never sacrifice on the quality of the bot.

So, how much does a messenger bot cost to build?

Truthfully they can cost anywhere between $200 to over $100,000, it all depends on how the bot is built. Do it yourself platforms that let business owners just do that will be on the lower end of this scale. Even using a platform that allows for advanced functions and incorporates other features such as Google Calendar or Google Forms will only cost about $3,000. And once that amount is paid, the business owner will have the bot for as long as they want without ever paying more into it.

Business owners that don’t think they have the time to build a messenger bot on their own can instead, hire a developer or a development team to do it for them. The good news with these types of bots is that they will do much more and provide customers with more options. And that will benefit the business because it will free up even more time for the staff and business owner and, it will make the customers happy, which is always a good thing.

The downside of these bots is that they can cost quite a bit. They usually start at about $6,000 and, depending on the scope of the bot and the developer being used, can cost upwards of $100,000. While the higher end of this scale is likely out of reach for most business owners, the lower end of it is not. And that means any business owner can get the advanced bot they’re looking for, without paying a huge price.

It’s natural for business owners to be concerned about how much any new venture is going to cost them. When that new venture is a messenger bot however, there’s no need to worry. Even very advanced bots can come at a reasonable price, and even with the business owners taking a more hands-off approach, if that’s what they choose.

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