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There’s a lot of activity going on with Social Media, but, you’re missing out…

Ignoring Social Media is costing you $1,000 a day…

You are Losing Revenue to competitors by ignoring social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

We will help you take advantage of these platforms and reach audiences like never before.



Social Media is used to connect with friends, family, and other communities and organizations. Businesses can also utilize social platforms to engage with existing and potential customers. With the right strategy, we can reach them with the right message at the right time, encourage them to try the product or service, and answer any need for customer support.

With Social Media, you can:

Discover new customers

A strong presence in social media channels frequented by your customers increases your Reach. In turn, this helps boost brand awareness and recall. These customers are more likely to leave positive feedback and share their experience.

Build brand awareness

With the aim to become a top-of-mind brand for the product or service offered, your business can leave recurring impressions through Social Media. This leads to the customer having a clear consideration when a product or service is specifically needed.

Reach audiences efficiently

Social Media involves audience targeting. This ensures your message reaches the people who are likely to engage with your brand or to avail of your products and services.


With Automated Triggers, you can: 

Be available to customers
When a messenger bot is working for a business, the business owner doesn’t need to be available 24/7. Customers can still make purchases, book appointments, and get answers to their questions without any wait, and without getting frustrated that the business isn’t available to help them.

Get a better understanding of your customers
Businesses always want to learn more about their customers so they can provide them with the products and services they really need. Messenger bots allow you to see what your customers are asking, how they’re interacting with the bot, and generally get to know them better.

Have immense reach
Literally millions of people use messaging apps every day. When a business uses a messenger bot within these apps, that’s millions of people making up their audience. There are very few other types of online marketing, or business services for that matter, that can boast that same kind of reach.

Handle lots of customer requests simultaneously 
As a business owner, it’s impossible to deal with every customer at once. While you can get to all of them, it takes time. And people can become frustrated by the wait. Messenger bots are the answer. They can handle hundreds of requests simultaneously without limits.

Connect with your existing workflow 
Capture, qualify, and automate follow-ups. Connect with your existing workflow, map other tools like your client relations manager, auto responder and more (currently can connected to 1000+ platforms)


LOCAL DOMINATION = Advanced Local Lead Generation + Connected Trigger/Chatbot

Our Methodology

Channel Audit

This covers how your channels are currently performing and recommendations on how to further optimize them.

Social Media Playbook / Automated Trigger Playbook

Through advanced targeting systems, we identify and segment your target audience based on the demographics, behaviors, and interests you specify. After determining your audience size, we recommend a budget that will be allocated for boosting your posts, scheduling your ads, and promoting your page. Based on your website, brand guidelines, and intake form, we will create a strategy that will serve as the basis for content to be posted on your social media accounts. The playbook will consist of the following: brand and design guidelines for the social media posts, buyer personas, a content strategy, and banners optimized for your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. A workflow process will also be proposed and observed within the cycle.

Social Media Calendar

Your calendar will include posts and Facebook ads complete with graphics, captions, and copies based on the approved playbook. Posts will be boosted while Facebook ads will be scheduled during the cycle. The proposed budget allotment will be applied to expand reach and awareness across the Social Media platforms.

Reporting and Analytics

We invest heavily in technology to provide you with monthly reporting. It reports how your channels performed in the previous month and pinpoints which area should be further optimized. Reports will also contain recommendations submitted for your approval. Once approved, those recommendations will be applied the next month.

“How long does it take?”

It will take us about 14 days to get you completely up and running.

Service Details

Advanced Local Lead Generation

Month 1: Campaign Setup and Optimization

Social Media Assessment

Social Media Playbook

◦ Competitor Research

◦ Response Track

◦ Audience Targeting

◦ Budget Recommendation

◦ Brand Persona

◦ Audience Persona

◦ Communication Guidelines

◦ Content Strategy


◦ Optimization of Facebook page

◦ Custom URL

◦ Page Categories

◦ Profile Picture

◦ Cover photo

◦ Contact Details

◦ Page CTA Button

◦ About page + Story Graphic

◦ Page template

◦ Auto-responder setup

◦ Creation of 2 unique images to be posted organically and run as ads

<img class= 1 post will be used as a Page Promotion ad

<img class= 1 post will be used as a Brand Awareness ad

◦ Creation of 2 unique audiences

◦ Default Facebook Pixel code setup


◦ Includes header and profile images

◦ Crosspost of Facebook organic post with optimized caption for Twitter

◦ Inclusion of relevant hashtags

◦ Bio and website update

• LinkedIn

◦ Includes header and profile images

◦ Crosspost of Facebook organic post

◦ About page update


◦ Includes header and profile images

◦ Crosspost of Facebook organic post with optimized caption for Instagram

◦ Inclusion of relevant hashtags

◦ Bio and website update

 • Social Media Insights

Month 2 and onwards: Publishing Calendar

• Social Media Content Plan

◦ Communication Guidelines

◦ Updating Facebook page (as needed)

<img class=Contact Details

◦ Creation of 8 unique images to be posted organically

<img class=1 post will run as a Page Promotion ad

<img class=5 posts will run as ads optimized for Engagement

<img class=2 posts will run as an ad optimized for one of the following objectives: Brand Awareness, Lead Generation,Traffic

◦ Creation of up to 5 unique audiences

◦ Crosspost of Facebook organic posts on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

◦ Social Media Insights



Local Lead Connected Trigger/Chatbot

 Month 1: Campaign Setup and Optimization

• Trigger Automation

* Baseline Current Systems

* Define Goals with Automation

* Identify 3-5 Consumer User Cases

* Map the Customer Journey

* Map other tools (currently can connected to 1000+ platforms)

* Build Your Top 2 Automation Cases

Month 2 and onwards: Calendar

• Automated Trigger Plan

◦ Monitor Messenger Automation and Connectivity

◦ Updating Triggers (as needed)

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√ No Longterm Contracts √ 24/7 Analytics

√ Custom Pre-approved Content Creation





Absolutely, our content posting services will post relevant content for you 5 days a week.

Increase brand awareness and traffic, while building relationships and influence

Fresh content for your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages, 5 days a week.

Managed Social Content Posting Service



Designed to deliver the perfect amount of social content, at the
right frequency, for each platform. Our experts will profile your
company and create a tailored program of promotion which goes out 5 days
a week.

TWITTER  3 or 4 daily tweets 5 weekly image tweets

FACEBOOK 2 daily posts 5 weekly image posts

LINKEDIN 2 daily updates Images

7-14 Days in Advance

We’re confident you will LOVE our content. To completely ensure you are always happy we schedule at least 7 days ahead, allowing plenty of time to review updates, but there’s nothing to stop you adding value by creating and calendaring your own posts. You can also log in and timetable tweets and posts

Included Images

If you have photographs appropriate to your business we can integrate them into your social media campaign. If not, we;ll even supply a handful of relevant royalty free images.

Advanced Filtering

All content is double checked by our admin team before posting. We check for grammar, spelling and localization.

Powerful Statistics

We track links, clicks and geographic location from your social media campaign and your control panel presents this data in a set of responsive interactive graphs and charts.

Content Research

Appropriate news research just got easy, we’ll set you up with a few
relevant RSS news feeds in your control panel and in a single click
posts the news at a schedule of your choice.

Daily review

Your master control panel shows an overview of all your activity in one place, making it easy for you to review statistics for the day, week, month or specified date range.

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Meet Emma Jackson…

Founder of Dominate Your Niche Now!

Emma Jackson
Business Marketing Expert

Most businesses have the challenge of making the phone ring consistently. Let’s face it, lead generation through web traffic is paramount to the success of any local business. People search for you online. The question is- can they find you?

After 15 years of working in sales and marketing, I began to research ways to generate new business using the internet. With proven success, today Emma owns and operates  LOSOMO – Local Social Mobile,  a premium digital design and marketing agency that focuses on quality, innovation, & speed. We are a team of highly skilled social media specialists with years of experience in goal-oriented marketing. We create and implement social media; and content marketing strategies that help you build a better business. We stay abreast of the trends so that your campaign receives optimal results. We utilize technology to bring results to grow our clients businesses. We pride ourselves in great work ethic, integrity, and end-results.

Throughout the years LOSOMO has been able to create stunning, award winning designs in multiple verticals while helping our clients to grow their income and revenue.

We build your brand awareness,  generate leads and build a social connection with your prospects, with the help of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Let us show you how we can generate inbound leads for you daily